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An airliner is at point A and is trying to fly to point B, which is 1000 km due North of point A. The pilot of the airliner wishes to reach point B in 2.5 hr. A wind is blowing from the Northwest (45 degrees) at 100 km/hr. In what direction and at what speed must the pilot fly the airliner? Show your work.

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    Resultant=Sum of vectors
    1000N=(100*.707S+100*.707E)2.5+ (XXXXN+ XXXXE)2.5

    solve for the N and E components.

    I willdo N for you.

    1000N=-70.7N*2.5 + XXXXN*2.5 so the north component has to be 471km/hr N

    Now do the E component , (it might be negative, or W), then add the vectors to get flight speed, and direction.

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    I do not understand...this is part of my lab questions for a force table lab, and we have not done Sum of Vectors in class at all... Why would you use 2.5hr in the multiplications? Would you not use the 1000km/2.5hr for the speed in some way? Also...I don't understand what you are doing in the second half of the equation... you are adding a NE heading to the SW heading of the wind to correct to go north?

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