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Chemistry(Please help, thank you!)

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For a chemistry lab the experiment was to carry out an acid-base titration to determine the exact concentration of a sodium hydroxide solution.

Two trials were completed and the data collected was: mass of weighing paper, mass of weighing paper + KHP, mass of KHP, initial buret reading, final buret reading, and volume of NaOH.

The molecular weight of KHP is 204.44 grams/mol.

I need to find the number of moles of KHP, the number of moles of NaOH and the concentration of NaOH but i am not sure how to do this. Please help,thank you!!

I know that these questions were already answered but I wanted to see if my calculations were correct.

For my first trial KHP was 1.00g and for the second trial it was the same. So to fin moles of KHP i need to do grams/molar mass so would it be
204.44 g/mol X 1/1g = 204.44 g/mol?

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    I shall be glad to check your results; however, you provided only the mass of the KHP. I need the volume of the NaOH solution used if you want the molarity of the NaoH.
    For the 1.00 g KHP, yes, moles KHP = 1.00/204.44 = ? but you did not do that correctly.
    It is 1.00g KPH x (1 mol KHP/204.44g) = ? moles KHP.

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    ok so for mole of kHP it would be 1/204.44 = 0.00489 g/mol?

    The volume of NaOH for trial 1 was 14.50 mL and for trial 2 it was 9.90mL.
    So would it be 39.998 which is molecular mass of NaOH divided by the volume?

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    welldone Hannah xx your doing great! xxx keep up the hard work xoxo :*

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