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Posted by John on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 7:45pm.

1. Often called the "father of modern psychology." William Wundt painstakingly examined the small pieces of behavior. He was not interested in personality mental disorders. He did study the cognitive elements of:

a. thinking, perception, and consciousness
b. hearing, vision, and touch
c. imagination and creativity
d. repression and regression

Is it "B"

2. ________ believe that " the whole is more than the sun of its parts." In other words, we will perceive the world differently based on the manner in which we assemble the elements.

a. psychodynamic psychologists
b. humanistic psychologists
c. Functional psychologists
d. gestalt psychologists

is it "D"

3. Humanism denies the role of determinism, but elevates the role of:

a. suggestion
b. positive thought processes
c. free will
d. gestalt

is it "C"

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