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The Earth's rate of rotation is constantly decreasing, causing the day to increase in duration. In the year 2006 the Earth took about .840 s longer to complete 365 revolutions than it did in the year 1906. What was the average acceleration of the Earth during this time? Give your answer in rad/s^2

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    Average angular accleration =
    (change in angular velocity)/(100 years)

    Angular velocity = 2 pi radians/24 hours
    = 7.276*10^-5

    relative change in angular velocity =
    (0.840 s/86400 s) = 9.72*10^-6

    absolute change in angular velocity
    -7.07*10^-10 rad/s

    Now go back to the first formula, and divide by the number of seconds in 100 years.

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