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Write a 700- to 1,050-word personal narrative that addresses the following questions:

· How have you seen the purpose and meaning of your life evolve over the past 5 years? What events have led to this evolution? Describe how one of the theories from your text might explain this evolution. Use specific concepts and terminology from the theory in your answer.

· What roles have religion, race, culture, family, and gender played the development of your personality?

· Suppose you might change one of the major episodes of your life (your earliest memory, a turning point, a high point, or a low point, for example). What change would you make and why?

Just need a little help getting it started.

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    You should start by taking notes answering each of these questions. Brainstorm these answers.

    Don't even think about writing your paper until you have a clear idea what you're going to say.

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