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Two skaters, a man and a woman, are standing on ice. Neglect any friction between the skate blades and the ice. The mass of the man is 95 kg, and the mass of the woman is 55 kg. The woman pushes on the man with a force of 57 N due east. Determine the acceleration (magnitude and direction) of (a) the man and (b) the woman.


    They retain a total momentum of zero as they accelerate in opposite directions
    Forces on each are equal and opposite.

    M1*a1 = -M2*a2 = 57 N

    a1 (man) * 95 = 57
    a1 = 0.60 m/s^2 (East)

    a2 = -(M1/M2)*a1 = -1.036 m/s^2
    (The minus sign means the woman accelerates to the west)

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