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Two long parallel wires separated by a distance, d, carry currents in opposite directions. If the left-hand wire carries a current i/2, and the right-hand wires carries a current i, determine where the magnetic field is zero.

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    It will not be a point between the wires, because the fields of both wides are in the same direction there.

    The field will be zero at a distance d away from the wire carrying the smaller current, on the opposite side from the other wire.

    That is because the ratio of current to distance from the wire wuth that current will be the same for both wires, and the field directions will be opposite, thereby canceling.

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    two long parallel wires carrying currents i1 and i2 in opposite directions. What are the magnitude and direction of the net magnetic field at point P? Assume the following values: i1= 10 A, i2= 20 A, and d = 5 cm

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