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Algebra Please help!!!!

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I need assisatnce with this. I do not want the answer I just want some guidence on how I should start it.

The width of a rectangle is 5 ft, its length is (3x+2) ft, and its area is 75 ft². Find x

  • Algebra Please help!!!! -

    area = length x width
    so ...
    5(3x+2) = 75
    expand, then solve for x,

  • Algebra Please help!!!! -

    That's what I was thinking as well but the 75 being squared is throwing me off. Do I need to write it as

  • Algebra Please help!!!! -

    no, just keep it as 75
    they are square units, and the left side of the equation is also in square units

    15x + 10 = 75
    15x = 65
    x = 65/15 = 13/3

    then your length is 3(13/3) + 2 = 15

    5x15 = 75

  • Algebra Please help!!!! -

    Thank you!! That's what I thougth but I was thrown off by the square root.

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