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Homework Help: Socials - World War I

Posted by Mysterious on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 7:57pm.

Hey, could someone please give me some documentary links telling about the world war I? The teacher also showed us this documentary in class, and I was trying to look for it, but I cant find, I think it was called Canada in World War I. And I had some questions related to it. Just want to make sure if I have everything, please check below, and tell me what Im missing out, this is review for tomorrows test.

Heading = Road to War

Triple Entente countries - Russa, France, Britain, Italy
Triple Alliance - Germany and Austria Hungary

Heading = Canada's Call

Who was Canadas prime Minister during WWI? Robert Bordan

How did volunteers feel about the war? Stuck on this one, I think they may have found it interesting..

Heading = At the Western Front 1914

Why was there no quick victory to the war? 2 month into it, France lost lot of men

What is the area between the trenches called? No man's land

What new weapon was used at Ypres?
Poison gas I believe.

Heading = The war effort at home:

How did the governemnt finance the war?
did they give loans of money?

Did french continue to support war in europe? why/why not?

No, cause of the bitterness between.. the british??? to due with the language issue.

Escalation of war:

Following the somme how did canadas reputation as fighters change?
-usa fighting force?

Why was there a problem of the recruitment of more troops in 1917?
- I only got man power shortage

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