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Phosphorus trichloride gas and chlorine gas reacts to form phosphorus pentachloride gas: PCL3(g) +CL2(g) = PCL5(g). A vessel is CHARGED WITH A MIXTURE OF PCL3(g) and CL2(g), which is allowed to equilibrate at 450K. At equlibrium the partial pressures of the three gases are Ppcl3=0.124atm, Pcl2 = 0.157 atm, and Ppcl5 = 1.30 atm. (a) what is the value of Keq at this temperature? Does the equilibrium favor reactants or products?

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    If you want Kp is it
    Kp = (PCl5)/(PCl3)(Cl2)
    Substitute and solve for Kp.

    I assume Keq is Kc although I don't know that. You can convert Kp to Kc by
    Kp = Kc(RT)delta n</sup)
    where delta n = #n products- #n reactants = 1-2 = -1

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