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8. A pitcher throws a baseball off a 20m high cliff into a canyon at 30degrees above the horizon at an initial velocity of 35m/s. How far will the ball travel horizontally from the pitcher? Assume no air resistance.
9. How high will the ball get from the bottom of a canyon?
10. How fast will the ball be moving when it hits the ground?

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    vertical velocity initial: 20sin30=10m/s

    time in air:
    0=20+10t-4.9t^2 solve for t, time in air.
    horizonal distance= 20cos30*t

    how high? at the top, v is zero in the vertical, 0=10-9.8t solve for time to top, t hf=20+10t-4.9t^2 solve for hf

    how fast?
    use the time in air t,

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    oops, on how fast

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