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Towers A and B are on the east-west line 125 m apart. Jojo, on the north of that line finds that the direction of towers A and B are N 39deg27mins E and N 50deg33mins W, respectively. How far is Jojo from each tower?

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    I cannot make any sense of your description.
    Jojo would have to be on the south side of line AB
    Check it please

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    Assuming that north was a typo, leaving Jojo on the south side of AB,

    Let Jojo be h mi S of the line AB.

    h tan 50°33' + h tan 39°27' = 125
    1.215h + 0.823h = 125
    h = 125/2.038 = 61.335 mi

    Now, letting b be the distance from B, and a that from A,

    b = h/cos 50°33' = 61.335/0.635 = 96.59 mi
    a = h/cos 39°27' = 61.335/0.772 = 79.45 mi

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