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Homework Help: English Check

Posted by HM on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 9:51pm.

1. (Points: 2)
The lawyer had been involved in several (elicit, illicit) activities.

b. illicit

2. (Points: 2)
When people (emigrate, immigrate), they move into a country.

b. immigrate

3. (Points: 2)
Several (incidence, incidents) caused the bookkeeper to resign.

a. incidence

4. (Points: 2)
(Irregardless, Regardless) of who wins, the game was well played.

b. Regardless

5. (Points: 2)
Why is Bill wearing that (incredible, incredulous) look?

b. incredulous

6. (Points: 2)
The gold chair was ruined, for someone had torn (it's, its) seat.

b. its

7. (Points: 2)
(In regard to, In regards to) your request, I will have to check whether funds are

a. In regard to

8. (Points: 2)
After going barefoot all summer, new school shoes always felt (funny, odd).

b. odd

9. (Points: 2)
The beautiful painting was (hung, hanged) above the mantel.

a. hung

10. (Points: 2)
John was (especially, specially) chosen by the mayor to represent Plano.

b. specially

These are my answers,

Could you help me out in correcting these?

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