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i was told to Convert 1 metric ton to grams ore then to grams TiO2 (using the 0.75% in the ore), then to g TiCl4 (using the 70%%) and finally to TiO2 final product (using the 93.0%)for the following questions, but im stuck after converting the metric ton to grams

About half the world's production of pigments for paints involves the formation of white TiO2. It is made on a large scale by the chloride process , starting with ores containing only small amounts of rutile, TiO2. The ore is treated with chlorine and carbon. this produces TiCl4 and gaeseous product according to the following equation:

3TiO2(s)+ 4C(s)+ 6Cl2(g)--> 3TiCl4(l)+ 2CO2(g)+ 2CO(g)

the titanium(IV)chloride is then converted into titanium(IV)oxide of high purity

TiCl4(l)+ O2(g)--> TiO2(s)+ 2Cl2(g)

suppose the first process can be carried out with 70.0% yield and then second one with 93.0% yield. How many kilograms of TiO2 could be produced starting with 1.00metric ton (1.00x10^6g)of an ore that is 0.75% rutile TiO2?

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