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CH3OH(g) ----> CO(g) + 2H2 (g) (delta H =+90.7k)
A) is heat absorbed or released in the course of this reaction?
b) calculate the amount of heat transferred when 45.0g of CH3OH(g)is decomposed by this reaction at constant pressure.
c) for a given sample of CH3OH, the enthalpy change on reaction is25.8kj. how many grams of hydrogen gas are produced? what is thevalue of delta H for the reverse of the previous reaction?
d) how many kilojoules of heat are released when 50.9 g of CO(g)reacts completely with H2O(g) to form CH3OH(g) at constantpressure?

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    a)DH is +; heat is absorbed.
    b)90.7 kJ x (45.0/molar mass CH3OH) = ?
    c)(25.8/90.7) x 4 = ?

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    1)heat is absorbed because delta h is positive

    2) first change the grams to moles, then changes the the moles to kj

    3)do number two but in reverse


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