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About half the world's production of pigments for paints involves the formation of white TiO2. It is made on a large scale by the chloride process , starting with ores containing only small amounts of rutile, TiO2. The ore is treated with chlorine and carbon. this produces TiCl4 and gaeseous product according to the following equation:

3TiO2(s)+ 4C(s)+ 6Cl2(g)--> 3TiCl4(l)+ 2CO2(g)+ 2CO(g)

the titanium(IV)chloride is then converted into titanium(IV)oxide of high purity

TiCl4(l)+ O2(g)--> TiO2(s)+ 2Cl2(g)

suppose the first process can be carried out with 70.0% yield and then second one with 93.0% yield. How many kilograms of TiO2 could be produced starting with 1.00metric ton (1.00x10^6g)of an ore that is 0.75% rutile TiO2?

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