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Can anyone please help me with these questions for the final exam?

1) It is April, and you are the plant manager at a unionized parts warehouse. You have been asked by top management to inform the line workers that the plant will be shut down during December due to excess parts supply and maintenance schedules. New contract negotiations with the union begin next month. How would you deliver the information?

2)Discuss how the path-goal theory of leadership and the expectancy theory of motivation are related.

3)Create a set of organizational goals for a hypothetical company that includes at least one goal from each level within the organization as described in the text. Explain how your lower-level goals contribute to attainment of higher-level goals.

4)Describe the four approaches organizations adopt toward social responsibility. Do you think an organization uses the same approach every time? Why?

5) Discuss social responsibility and impact social responsibility has on society.

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