February 22, 2017

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Posted by Franky on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 6:01am.

Can you check if this is correct please?

a) How many moles of sodium hydroxide are there in 19.00 cm3 of 0.100 mol dm3?
My answer: 0.0019 mol

b) How many moles of hydrochloric acid are, there in 25.00 cm3 of the acid solution?
My answer: 0.0019 mol

c) How many moles of hydrochloric acid are, therefore in 1000cm3 of solution?
My answer (this is the one I'm unsure about): 0.0076 mol
I did 0.0019 x 1000/25.00

d) What is the concentration of the hydrochloric acid solution?
My answer: 0.076 mol dm3

I am stuck on this though:
The concentration of hydrogen ions in a 0.1 mol dm3 solution of phosphoric acid, H3PO4?
I would be able to do it if I knew the correct equation that = H3PO4 but I can't work it out.

If any of these are wrong can you please explain how they should be done thank you :)

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