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Physics 114

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You are riding in a boat whose speed relative to the water is 7.2 m/s. The boat points at an angle of 25.7° upstream on a river flowing at 14.1 m/s. Find the time it takes for the boat to reach the opposite shore if the river is 24.5 m wide.

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    If we consider the direction across the river as 0deg, then the resultant velocity of the boat is

    (angle a is 25.7 deg)

    (7.2 cos a, 7.2 sin a) + (0,14.1 sin -90)
    = (6.386,3.122) + (0,-14.1)
    = (6.386, -10.978)

    which is 10.835 in the direction -59.49 deg

    So, now we want a course in the same direction, where the x-distance is 24.5

    If d is the distance traveled, then 24.5/d = cos -59.45
    d = 48.25

    48.25/10.835 = 4.45 sec

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    I understand the method you used completely but when I went to enter in the answer it incorrect...any help?

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