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Math ( any help would be great!)

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a ball is kicked in the air from the top of a cliff , the path that the ball travels is given by the equation
h(t)=-5t^2+17t+22, where h(t) is the height given in meters and t is the time seconds.

a) how high is the cliff ?
b)what is the maximum height the ball reaches ?
c)when will the ball hit the ground
d)write an equation for the axis of symmetry
e)determine the domain and range of the function

  • Math ( any help would be great!) -

    a) would you not be on top of the cliff if t = 0

    b) change the equation to vertex form
    h(t) = a(t-h)^2 + k
    the value of k will be your maximum height

    c) set h(t) = 0 and solve for t as a quadratic

    d) once you have the equation in b) the axis of symmetry will be t = h

    e) your sketch of the graph will let you determine domain and range.

    hint: the t value of the vertex (t,k) is 1.7

  • Math ( any help would be great!) -

    Thankss !!

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