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Suppose two boxes on a frictionless table are connected by a heavy cord of mass 1.0 kg. Calculate the acceleration (magnitude) of each box and the tension (magnitude) at each end of the cored, using the free-body diagrams shown in Figure 4-53. Assume FP = 44.0 N, ma = 11.0 kg, and mb = 13.5 kg, and ignore sagging of the cord. Compare your results to Example 4-12 and Figure 4-22.

mA acceleration ____ m/s2
mB acceleration ____ m/s2
FTA ____ N
FTB ____ N

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    If you treat the whole system as one solid thing, you will get the answer.
    FP= mtotal x acceleration
    44= (11+13.5+1)a

    Use this acceleration value to find FTA and FTB using Newton's 2nd Law.

    FBT=13 x 1.73
    FBT= 22.5 N

    (FBT and FTB are equal in magnitude)


    44-FAT=11 x 1.73
    FAT=25.0 N

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