March 27, 2017

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1) the seventh grade class has been collecting aluminum cans for recycling. the class has collected 210 cans. their goal is to collect 520 cans. write an equation and estimate the number aluminum cans needed to reach their goal.
i got this:
c + 210 = 520: 350, 320, 310
c = 310
is this all i have to do to answer the question?

2) a seamstress bought some bolts of fabrice at $25.30 each. she spent a total of $227.70 . write an equation and estimate the number of bolts of fabric that she purchases.

i got: b25.30 = $227.70: 8,7 9
b= 9

3) for you party you purchased ballons for $.79 each. You spent a total of $11.85. Write an equation and estimate the number of balloons purchased,
i got: b.79 is 11.85
b= 15
15 x .79= $11.85
is this right?

i know its 2 part question but not sure if im answering all 3 questions right.

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  • algebra w o r d Problem - ,

    so i answered all 3 questions right. i wasn't sure about when it said estimate the number of things.

    but i did this right? right?

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    yes, however, most people use estimate to estimate, not use a calcuator. Examples:
    estimate 227 divided by 23: estimate (mine) 10
    estimate 333 times 14: my estimate 3330+1300=4600

    Estimate usually means "approximately", and estimates are results of mental math, not calculators.

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