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Gino just opened a pizza restaurant. He had 1 customer the first day, 3 the second day, 6 the third day, and 10 the fourth day.
a. If this pattern continues, how many customers should gino expect on the seventh day? Day 10? Show the data table (for rate of change)
b. Does the number of customers represent a geometric sequence, an arithmetic sequence, or neither?
c. find an expression to represent the number of customers on day "n."
d. if this pattern continues, on what day will Gino first serve over 200 customers?

  • math -

    your numbers are
    suppose we double those and notice their factors:
    2 = 1x2
    6 = 2x3
    12 = 3x4
    20 = 4x5


    can you do anything with those hints?

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