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Thank you very much. I included more sentences for you to check. I did the corrections myself.

1)No man born of woman (or a woman?) can hurt him. He believed witches could/were able (both possible?) cast spells. She encouraged piracy against the Spanish fleet.
2) She defeated the Spanish ships because the English ones were lower and faster.
3) Her victory over Spain was also due to the stormy winds of the Irish and Scottish seas. She used to say that she was married to her people. She defeated her enemies from the English land (Correction: at home and abroad).
4)The actors were usually very trained professionals though they sometimes had to improvise and play more than one role. Boy actors had to replace women because these weren’t allowed on the stage.
5)James I wrote a book about /on (?) witches as a response to Scot’s book “Demonology”. James I listed the main characteristics of witches. They are (or were?) almost always women.
6) They cast spells (or can cast spells) and make models of their victims in wax (or make models in wax of their victims).
7)The Spanish fleet was composed of slow and heavy ships and that’s why (better for this reason) Elizabeth won the war. It was also because of bad weather.

  • English -

    1) yes, both possible

    3) Yes, I like the correction.

    4) because they (rather than "these")

    5) they "are" if they still exist or "were" if you think there are none! (Ah, but there ARE!)

    6) I like the first way better = less verbose


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