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I checked the mistakes. Can you see if my corrections are ok? Thank you. I included my doubts in parentheses.

1)The stages raised in the center yard. Correction: in the yard projected a roofed stage, called apron stage.
2)2)This was five feet above the ground= this was raised five feet off/from the ground
1.The King’s Men were/was an acting company, which changed its name from the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.
2. The Elizabethan theatre was an outdoor theatre with a wooden structure and a circular or octagonal shape.
3. It was made up of three stages. The main (or the first but not the former) projected into the yard.
4) There the most of the scenes took place. Better: there most of the action took place/ OR most of the action took place on this stage. At the back of the apron stage there was a second stage, hidden by a curtain called inner stage. That (or this ?) was used for smaller scenes.

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    1) The first is not a complete sentence and I'd change the word order to: In the yard a roofed stage projected, called an apron stage. (or something similar)

    The second #1. If you consider "The King's Men" as a single unit = was and its

    4) There most of the scenes took place. OR Most of the scenes took place there.


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