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A slotted bar is attached to the origin and rotates in the horizontal plane with a constant angular velocity of 0.665 radians/s . The bar moves a roller weighing 33.6 lb along the cam's perimeter. A spring holds the roller in place; the spring's spring constant is 1.34 . The friction in the system is negligible. When theta = 101 degrees, what are Fr and F(theta), the magnitudes of the cylindrical components of the total force acting on the roller?

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    Sorry, but I don't get the picture.

    If the bar is rotating in a horizontal plane with constant angular velocity, the magnitudes of the forces do not change with time nor position (θ).

    Is the spring installed in a radial direction keeping the roller, or otherwise how?

    Is the roller rolling in the radial direction?

    A diagram would certainly help.

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