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Posted by Jessica on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 2:41pm.

I am writing this essay about Shirley Jackson's "The lottery"

My essay is supposed to be about
i think i want to talk about stoning in south africa( how long it lasted, if it still takes place, was it for punishment or for no reason) and the second body paragraph about why i think she said it conclusion i want to add her statement -->: “If your only reason for doing something is that you've always done it, might not be a reason at all.”- Shirley Jackson

I made two different starting paragraphs could you please help me figure out which one would fit perfectly. My last line is the Thesis.

First Intro and Thesis.

>>The Lottery published in 1948 by author Shirley was actually banned by South Africa that same exact year. While no one is quite sure why it was banned Jackson did have to say in response “Well at least the understand it”. The reason behind the delinquent activity, I believe is so that the village would have plenty of luck with the growth of they’re crops. I think Jackson meant when she said “Well at least they understand it” is because stoning has been a form of punishment in South Africa for hundreds of years. I also think many South Africans felt the story was anti-apartheid. <<

Second Into-Thesis.>>
Questions plague the mind of many readers of why exactly was Shirley Jackson was stoned. This gruesome tale tells of a innocent woman stoned in the villages of Africa with an intention to grow crops. ..No one can relate to her story but when South Africa banned her story, her only reply was "well at least they understand it". He vague statement opens a realm of in depth analysis on what basis was this torture was done to her and it banning of the document justified this or made them realise their mistake.<<

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