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vector (V1) is 6.3 units long and points along the negative (X) axis. Vector(V2) is 9.0 units long and points at 55 degree to the positive (X)axis.

1- What are the (X) and (Y) components of (V1) vector ?

2-What are the (X) and (Y) components of(V2) vector ?

3-Determine the magnitude of the sum (V1+V2).

4-Determine the angle of the sum (V1+V2).

i've got the answers of the first three questions

1- 6.3,0
2- 5.2,7.4 units
3- 7.5 units
i tried putting tan-1 y/x
fot the 4th question but i've got the wrong answer
i need a help

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    I do not agree with your answer to #3, either.

    V2 components are (5.16, 7.37)
    V1 + V2 has components (11.46,7.37)
    V1 + V2 has magnitude = 13.63
    Angle of V1 + V2 = tan-1 y/x
    = 32.7 degrees
    counterclockwise from the +x axis.

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