April 20, 2014

Homework Help: Science (Lab)

Posted by Laruen on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 2:27pm.

So I have yo do a Lab for science (this is our very first lab, well we did a second one) & I really need help. This ia fictional lab experiment not a real one we are not really doing the experiment. Me 7 my group was doing it together we just have to do our own procedures (we did the problem, & gather into)

Here it is

Science observe the world around them. Then they mkae an educated guess, or hypothesis, about what they see. Next, they run experiments to see if their hypothesis is correct.

My sci teacher gave us a hyothesis

here it is (btw that paragraph i just show you i didn't wrote that i copyed this from my handout)

Maria thinks that taking the bus to school is slower/longer than walking to school.

Now me & my group did this together

Problem: Does taking the bus to school is slower than walking to school?

Research (we gather info together we did not use the computer)

Bus - Traffic, Contructions on the road, Come late
Walking - Waiting for the bus/cars to pass by, school far away, kidnap (that could happen you know)

that it for homework all we have to do is write the procedure which I need help on please help me.

Thank You!!! :)

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