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CIS 115

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I need help with the visual logic flowchart for the following problem: A local deli sells lunch value meals that consist of a sandwich, soup and a drink. The price of each meal depends on the actual items ordered. Write a program that asks the cashier to enter the price of a sandwich, price of soup and price of a soft drink. The program should then calculate the cost of the meal by adding these values together. If the meal cost is more than $5.00, the customer gets a 10% discount. The program should display the cost of the meal with a descriptive label (e.g. The cost of the meal is $5.54). After a meal cost is determined, the cost needs to be stored in an array. The program should also contain a post-test while loop so that we can process several meals. After each meal has been processed, the program should ask the user if he/she wants to continue. The loop should execute as long as the user responds "yes". After processing all meals, the program should display the following totals:

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    assistance needed

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    Here are some links for visual logic:

    Here are some programming tutorials:


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    Using pseudo-code, create a counting loop that will run with the following requirements:

    The loop will iterate a total of 10 times and print a message each time indicating how many times the loop has run. For example the message could read: ”The loop has run ‘x’ times”

    The ‘x’ will be replaced by the value of the loop control variable.When the loop has completed 10 iterations print a message that the loop is finished.

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    Can someone post an actual answer to this question either with paint or visual logic please?

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