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English Lit

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I have two questions about these Emily Dickinson's "Wild Night"

1.Which best describes the rhyme in the second stanza--internal rhyme,slant rhyme,feminine rhyme,descending rhyme or no rhyme
Would it be slant rhyme?
2.Which is the following sound device used in the first two lines--internal rhyme,slant rhyme,alliteration or caesura
I thought possibley slant rhyme or caesura??

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    You might try some of the following links for verification:

    Some terms:
    1. Internal rhyme places at least one of the
    rhymed words within the line, as in "Dividing and gliding and sliding" or "In mist or
    cloud, on mast or shroud."
    2. In near rhyme (also called off rhyme, slant rhyme, and approximate rhyme), the sounds are almost but not exactly alike
    3. Alliteration The repetition of the same consonant sounds in a sequence of words,
    usually at the beginning of a word or stressed syllable: "descending dew drops";
    "luscious lemons."
    4. Caesura A pause within a line of poetry that contributes to the rhythm of the line.


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    Thanks for the great definitions- Do you think I was right on either of them?
    The first question slant rhyme and the secondcaesura?

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