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Homework Help: English check please help me out

Posted by ME on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 4:32pm.

My answers:
1. Suffice
2. Sinister
3. Intricate
4. Incoherent
5. Implausible
6. Degenerate
7. Intercede
8. Sanctuary
9. Vulnerable
10. Scrutiny

One summer, Nan worked in a factory with an employee who had recently arrived from France, a soft spoken young man named Jean-Louis. He spoke little English, but Nan's basic French (1)__(e)d for simple conversation and helpful translations. However, one day when she was called to the foreman's office, she wished she knew no french at all. FBI agents were there with Jean-Louis. After explaining that Jean-Louis may have been more (2)___ then the innocent young man he appeared to be, the foreman left her there to translate for the agents. The agents said Jean-Louis had been on the run after committing several jewel thefts in France. They had already been to Jean-Louis's apartment and confiscated a diamond necklace and some expensive watches. Nan straggled to translate their questions, which were often too (3)___ for her limited vocabulary. At times, she became so nervous that she was nearly (4)___. When Jean-Louis finally deciphered what Nan was saying, he said the police were maligning him. He claimed he was being mistaken for his no-good twin brother, who was responsible for the robberies, and therefore he was innocent-he should be absolved of all blame. The angry FBI agents found Jean-Louis's story (5)__. The conversation soon (6)___(e)d into a shouting match, with everyone yelling at poor Nan. When her boss heard the racket, he (7)___(e)d, appeased the agents, and got them to excuse her. Nan then went to the ladies room, a (8)___ from the turmoil of all the shouting. After the agents left with Jean-Louis, she was calm enough to go back to work. But she felt (9)___ for days as she wondered if she was under the (10)___of jewel thieves who might blame her for Jean-Louis's arrest.

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