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I still have some doubts and a few sentences to check I can't understand.
Can you help me?

1) How was Elizabethan theatre structured?
2) Do you say "correcting fluid" or corrector fluid?
3) Student's card OR student card.

I also need to check these sentences.

4) Gregory House tries to nurse (??) his patients with his assistants.
They are called Chase ...
5) His patients often have unusal diseases which are difficult to identify.
6)This programme talks about love, too.
House's fiance must fight with him because he is stubborn and does some illegal actions (???)

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    1. I don't know if you mean how a theater (building) was constructed in Elizabethan times ... or how plays written in Elizabethan times were "constructed."

    2. I don't use either!! I say "White Out."

    3. Out of context, it's hard to tell.

    4. House does not "nurse" anyone! He treats his patients; he diagnoses his patients; he assesses his patients ... But doctors don't "nurse." =)

    5. OK

    6. "must fight" ??? She absolutely has to? I doubt it. "Illegal actions" - I don't think that's correct either.

    Try this:

    House's fiancee disagrees with him because he is stubborn and proceeds along some unethical lines sometimes.

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