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Physical Science

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Can someone please help me with this question Im not really sure what the question is asking, I don't understand at all. Please explain.

With sound, you get harmony when the frequencies of two sounds are in the ratios of small integers - eg, two sounds with one frequency twice the other will be an octave apart. An artist wants to apply this approach to mixing colors, claiming that two colors will be in visual harmony when the frequencies of their light are integer multiples of each other. What do you tell someone who asks your opinion, based on your knowledge of light, about this approach to art?

A) It is a brilliant idea, since it shows how the complementary colors are related.

B) It will be difficult to separate the colors sufficiently to tell.

C)The frequency range of visible light is too narrow for this to work.

D) The effect will depend on whether it uses transmitted or reflected light.

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