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A mass of 18 kg is being pushed up a frictionless incline with a constant force of 20 Newtons directed parallel to the incline, up the incline. At the top of the incline the mass is moving at 23 m/s up the incline. If the angle of inclination is 58 degrees and the height (not length) of the incline is 24 meters, what was the magnitude of the mass's velocity at the bottom of the incline in m/s?

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    A mass of 5.6 kg lies at the top of a frictionless incline. It is inclined at an angle such that the normal force on the mass is 30 Newtons. If the length of the incline is 58 meters and the mass is originally at rest at the top of the incline and then released, how long does it take for the mass to reach the bottom of the incline in seconds?

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