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I urgently need to know if the following questions are correct? As they refer to Macbeth's plot, do you think I should use the simple present?

1)What is (was) Lady Macbeth’s plan?
2)Who is (was) the real Macbeth?
3)Who is blamed for Duncan’s death in Act II?
4)Why doesn’t Macbeth feel safe in Act II?
5)What happens to Lady Macbeth in Act V?
6)What did (does) Malcolm tell his soldiers to do when the army reached Birnam Wood?
7)What does Macduff confess to Macbeth?
8)Why did (does) Macbeth refuse to surrender?
9)How does the play end?
10) Who were the King's Men?

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    All are fine -- keep using present tense for these. No past tenses.

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