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Math word problem(algebra)

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Diana buys 20 apples at x cents each&40 oranges&sells the bags for 20x cents each.Find out the amount that Diana paid for each apple if she obtained a total of RM 24 from selling all the fruits

  • Math word problem(algebra) -

    How many cents in an "RM"?

    Since there is no mention of profit, there is no connection between the cost and the selling price.

    Also, there is no indication of how many bags.

    Let's assume there are 100 cents per "RM".

    Heck, she may have lost money. Let's say she paid 20 cents/apple and y cents/orange.

    We know there are 2400/20x = 120/x bags

    Then, she had 20*20 + 40y = 2400
    40y = 2000

    Six bags at 400/bag

    Or, let's say she paid 10 cents/apple

    40y = 2200
    y = 55

    12 bags at 200/bag

    More info please.

  • Math word problem(algebra) -


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