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a room is 18ft long, 15ft wide and from floor to ceiling is 8ft6inches. what is the rooms volume in cubic meters?
i have 6.498716 is this correct?

what is the mass of air in the room in kilograms assuming the density of the air is 1.2g/l and the room is empty of furniture.

i have mass of 1.2g/g=m/6.498716
then said m=1.2/6.498716 with an answer o 5.415596667 for the air density.
is this correct

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    6.4987 cubic meters is off by a factor of 10; should be 64.987 but that is too many significant figures.

    I don't think your soln is correct for #2. mass = volume x density. You divided d/v which is not right.

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