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Spanish-I forgot something

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I had to change these into present progressive tense
Yo escribo would be-
Yo estoy escribiendo.
Tu bebes un leche. would be Tu estas bebiendo un leche.(accent over u and a)
Nosotros bailamos would be Nosotros estamos bailando.

  • Spanish-I forgot something -

    Please learn to put the accent marks in with the computer. If you tell us 2 things, we can send you a chart:
    1. PC or Mac?
    2. Windows or not?

    Tú estás bebiendo BUT leche is feminine = la leche

    The rest are perfect!


  • Spanish-I forgot something -

    It is better to say:

    Tú estás bebiendo leche (without "la"),

    but is posible to say

    Te estás bebiendo la leche (with "la")

  • Spanish-I forgot something -

    or as interjection

    ¡Te estás bebiendo la leche! / with "la"

    Remember milk is uncountable noun

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