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Homework Help: English-Please Help Due @ 8a.m.

Posted by Angela on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 1:12am.

Can you please check for any errors. And corrent the errors for me. It is due tomorrow morning. Also, let me know if you think this is a descriptive essay. If you think i need to add something else let me know.

My Dear Mother

She is only about five feet tall and weight no more than 140 pounds, but my mother Jerealdine is one of the favorite people’s in my life. She is truly an example of what a mother should be. My mom was raised in a household that included five other siblings. She did not have much growing up but her parent’s always made sure that their children’s were well-taken care of. As I think about her personality, values, and what she has taught me, I would not trade her for nothing in the world.
To begin with, my mom has a personality that is as sweet as honey. I always try to be like her. She likes to have fun and enjoy the company of other people’s. Looking into her glossy, brown eyes and seeing her big cheesy smile just bring joy to my soul. Mom finds great pleasure in working with elder people and little children. She takes time out of her busy schedule, just to make sure that others are taken care of. Her loving and caring spirit is just like an angel. If she is around he or she can feel that everything is going to be fine.
Next, mom always believed strongly in her values. Jerealdine is a very hard worker. Sometimes it seems like she does not know when enough is enough. She is the type that always finds a way to improve things. One of the favorite things she like doing is working outside on the yard. She plants the pretty flower and trims the trees so that the appearance will be nice. Some people do not realize that the way the yard is tells a lot about the inside of their house. Also, she is a family person. She is the one that other relatives come to when he or she needs advice about something. She always makes sure that her family has the things they need and that everyone is doing fine.
Third, my mother has taught me a lot of great things that I have used to become an independent young lady. When I was younger, I remember her setting different chores for me to do in order for me to learn how to do something on my own. She would have me to fold clothes, wash dishes, and sweep the floor. At times, I would complain about it, but as I look back I appreciate her training me to do those things. When she would be in the kitchen cooking; she made sure that I was right there with her. She had a little brown stool made just for me to stand upon, so that I could see how she fixed different dishes. Curious little child was I most definitely. Until this day, I still enjoy the good smelling, tasty food that she makes. There is nothing like mom’s home cook meal. Jerealdine also taught me how to do fantastic needle work. Sticking my hand over and over again made me become better at it. She would sit me down beside her and explain what she was doing.
In conclusion, a woman that means the world to me, who has a good personality, values the things in her life, and taught her daughter things that would help me become a better person, is my loving mother. There is nothing better than spending time with mom, listening to her stories, and bonding closer with her.

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