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I really need you to check these sentences I wrote on the drama. Please help me!

1) The tragedy is the oldest and once most popular form of drama. It consists of a dramatic work in which events move to a tragic conclusion.
2) Tragedies are generally introduced by a prologue spoken by the chorus, which provides information about the subject of the play.
3) An epilogue is often added to the play in order to request applause. It is usually payed by a central character as opposed to (unlike is possible?) the classic epilogue, which is usually acted by by a mask or an anonymous character.
4) Place and time can be inferred both from the dialogue and the stage directions.The dialogue is the main support of drama since it give information about the characters,what they think, their relationships and their past.
5)A soliloquy is often used in drama and
must be distinguished from the monologue. Actually, in the former the character is alone on the stage, whereas in the latter there are other characters but the speaker ignores them.
6) These devices enable the playwright to let the audience know the character's thoughts, plans and feelings.
7) Asides are short comments made by the character for the audience alone, usually occurring between speeches. Their purpose is that of revealing the nature of the speaker and of creating humour by introducing the unexpected.

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    All are fine. In 3, either phrasing is fine.

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