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The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is called the astronomical unit
(AU), which is about 150 million km (1.5 x 108 km). Jupiter is 780 million km from the

a) How far is Jupiter from the sun in astronomical units (AU)?

b) Based on your calculation in part a, how many Earth years does it take for
Jupiter to orbit the sun in years?
(Hint: remember, when using years and AU, a3 = P2 for all planets)

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    As I said in my answer to your other question, you must insert a ^ before exponents. you are not going to learn much astronomy with sloppy equation writing.

    (a) Divide the Jupiter-sun distance (in km) by the length of 1 a.u. (also in km). That will give you the number of au's

    (b) Use the formula you were given,
    P^2 = 1/a^3
    with 'a' measured in a.u., from part (a)

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    P^2 = a^3
    P = sqrt(a^3)

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    How fast is this CME moving in comparison to a jetliner

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