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Posted by Jon on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 8:06pm.

Hi i have 3 questions I need help with please.

Electrons are found
A) in the nucleus of an atom.
B) only in complex molecules.
C) in a shell that surrounds the atomís nucleus.
D) in both the nucleus and inner shell of an atom.
I think it's D.

Individual water molecules are pulled toward each other by _______ bonds.
A) covalent
B) hydrogen
C) peptide
D) ionic

I'm like 95% sure it's Covalent, but i know water molecules have hydrogen in them so I don't know if it's B then.

When you place a piece of red meat on a hot barbeque, it slowly changes from soft to firm. Meat is primarily made of proteins. Which of the following might account for the change in meat texture during cooking?
A) The heat causes the cells in the meat to produce more protein.
B) The heat causes the chemical bonds to form between the proteins and nucleic acids in the meat.
C) The heat from the barbeque converts proteins into lipids.
D) The addition of heat causes proteins to lose their three-dimensional shape and link together.

This one I'm leaning towards D, but then again I really don't know. Thank you.

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