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Allyson and Adrian have decided to connect their ankles with a bungee cord; one end is tied to each person's ankle. The cord is 30 feet long, but can stretch up to 90 feet. They both start from the same location. Allyson moves 10 ft/sec and Adrian moves 8 ft/sec in the directions indicated. Adrian stops moving at time t =5.5 sec, but Allyson keeps on moving 10 ft/sec in the indicated direction.

(a) Sketch an accurate picture of the situa-tion at timet =7 seconds. Make sure to label the locations of Allyson and Adrian; also, compute the length of the bungee cord att =7 seconds.

(b) Where is Allyson when the bungee reaches its maximum length?

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    We have no indication of the directions.

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