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I need help finding the key points for the graph y=1/3 cos x and y=-sin 2piex/3

I just don't understand how to graph this and find keypoints.

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    y = 1/3 cos x.
    You know that cos x = 0 when x = pi/2, 3pi/2, etc. All odd multiples of pi/2

    It is 1 for all even multiples of pi
    It is -1 for all odd multiples of pi.

    But you have y = 1/3 cos x, so it is 1/3 or -1/3 at multiples of pi

    Easy, right?

    Now, for -sin 2pi/3 x, things do get a bit trickier.

    You know that for sin x, graph crosses x-axis at all multiples of pi
    y=1 for all 4k+1 * pi/2
    y=-1 for all 4k-1 * pi/2

    y = -sin x will look the same, but the max/min will be reversed.

    But, we have -sin 2pi/3 x

    So, graph will cross x-axis whenever 2pi/3 x is a multiple of pi
    That is, 2pi/3 x = k*pi, so x = k*pi * 3/2pi = 3k/2 for all integer values of k
    y = -1 when 2pi/3 x = (4k+1)pi
    x = 4k+1 pi * 3/2pi = 3/2(4k+1) = 6k + 3/2
    y = 1 when 2pi/3 x = 4k-1 pi, so x = 6k - 3/2

    To do this kind of scaling/translating, it's usually easy in the beginning to work with what you know (sin x), and then step by step transform from the new variable.

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