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I have an assignment regarding an argumentative essay the title is "drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem among many young people." I need 1 to 4 pages if you could help me on this.... It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I just took a drug and alcohol class taught by trauma nurses (It was required for my MIP diversion). What exactly do you want to know?

    Firstly. It is definitely a problem, especially among high school and college age kids. Secondly, it's been shown that drug and alcohol abuse at a young age (IE before 15) increases your rate of addiction by a lot. You could easily talk about the social affects, the health affects, etc. You could also talk about the reasoning that people choose to trake drugs and alcohol. These might include: problems at home (parents are addicts, or abusive parents), social pressures, depression, etc.

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    thanks is there any article or broader points that I could cite on?

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    Can't help you there. These were just points brought up in the class i went to.

    Social affects and health affects should be easy to find, a simple google search will probably bring up good results. The others you will probably have to rely on studies done by professionals

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    Try some of the following links for information and ideas, but be sure not to plagerize:


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