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Posted by Melissa Roberge on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 3:26pm.

I need help with the following qestions thy have to do with Subject and Verb Recognition.It says identify the subjects of the followig sentences by underliing them once. Identify the verbs by underlining them twice.
1.Betty visited a television studio
2.She laughed at the comedian
3.Tom looked at the stage sets
4.Alicia applied for a job at the studio
5.The teacher explained the duties of the camera technicians
6.Pam got several autographs from the actors
7.The audience applauded the younger singer
8.Miss Jenkins worked with the writers
9.Her uncle produced the comedy series
10.The guideintroduced us to the studio manager
11.My friend drives at a hih speed
12.Pete forgot his parking spot
13.Mr. and Mrs. Weber traveled through Canada
14.Rita Thompson flew to Milwaukee
15.The plane left an hour lat
16.The pilot walked through the cabin
17.Elroy received a free rip
18.Our neihbor bought a painting at the art show
19.The exhibit featured many famous artists
20.We spent an hour at the coin collection
21.The orchestra plays soft music
22.My hobby relaxes me
23.The store sold coins from foreign countries
24.Mr.Navarro collets silver dollars
25.Ellen Corbett studies Mexica customs

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