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Posted by Kim on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 3:01pm.

My dream is to go to Harvard University. When I grow up I want to become an artist, & creative writer (like writing stories & stuff.
Here are some questions I would like to ask you guys. Please answer these questions please I know I'm too young (age 12, 7th grade) but, I really want to know.

Qs. 1: What is SAT ?

Qs. 2: What grade do they prepare you for SAT? Grade 9 or no?

Qs. 3: What score do I need to pass SAT?

Qs. 4: Do college look at middle school or high school grades ? or both ?

Qs 5: How much money do I have to pay to get into Harvard ?

Qs 6: Do they have art & creative writing classes at Harvard ? If they do what kind of courses?

Qs. 7: How can I make my college application the BEST ONE in order to go to Harvard?

Qs. 8: What does it include the college application?

Qs. 9: Do I have to write an essay in order to go to Harvard? If I do what do I have to write? How many paragraphs or pages? (by the way I write a lot one time in the 6th grade I hd this assignment and I wrote 14 pages full)

Qs. 10: What is ACT?

Qs. 11: What grades do I have to get in order to go to Harvard?

Qs. 12: When becoming an artist & a creative writer do I have to submit a portfolio of a story I wrote or all of my art work? (I have a story binder, art binder, art journal, & so on I'm just being curious)
Qs. 13: I planning on making a binder about my future? Any ideas I should add? (College Binder)
Qs. 14: What materials do I need for Art & Creative Writing Classes at Harvard?
Qs. 15: How can I impress these people so I can get into Harvard?
Qs. 16: How many credit do I have to earn in order to graduate high school to make it to Harvard?


Please answer every question I wrote please. This is my dream. I will be soooooo happy if you guys tell me.

God Bless You All !!! :)

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