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Help would be greatly appreciated!!! This gets really confusing for me.

Write an inverse variation equation. If y varies inversely with x and y=2 when x=4….

a. Find K.

b. Write a general equation.

c. Use your equation to find y when x=8

Draw a chart to show at least 5 ordered pairs that are on the graph. (Hint: don’t pick all positive numbers)
x- y-

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    Since you know about k, you must surely have grasped the idea that if y varies directly with x, then

    y = kx

    You know that y=2 when x=4, so

    2 = k*4

    ... the rest should be easy. Just use your fancy new equation.

    y = x/2

    8/2 = 4, so y=4 when x=8

    x: -21 -3.4 0 π 6
    y: -21/2 -1.7 0 π/2 3

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