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I posted yesterday and didn't get a response so I'm hoping someone can check these today-Thank you they are polar coordinate questions--My answers are her I just need them checked-

1.Which of the folowing is another representation of (-3,pi)?
(3,0 degree)I think it is this one??
((-3,0 degree)

2.Which is not a representation of (5,150 degree)
(-5,-30 degree)I think it is this one?
(-5,330 degree)
(5,510 degree)

3.Give 3 representations of (3,240 degree)One has to be in radians
My choices are: (3,600 degrees)
(3,-120 degree degree)

4.Give 3 representations of (-6,3pi/4)one has to be radians
I gave-(-6,495 degrees)
(-6,-225 degrees)

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    1 correct
    2 Normally we avoid negative angles, but if one allows them, then all the answers represent 5,150
    3. Ok, except are you allowing negative angles?
    4. ok

    Question 2 bothers me as a bad question.

  • Pre-Calc - ,

    I agree with the first three

    for the last one, since the angle in the original is in radians, you should stay with radians

    so (-6,11π/4) --- your first one
    (-6, -5π/4) --- your 2nd

  • Pre-Calcbob pursley please recheck - ,

    In #2 it was which one is NOT a representation , that's why I thought (-5,-30) I can't have all of them just the one that is NOT a representation
    Thank you

  • Pre-Calc - ,

    thank you

  • Pre-Calc - ,

    I made myself clear. Just why do you think -5@-30 does not produce a ray at 5@150? The negative on the five says, add 180 to the angle.

    Maybe I am missing something. Most math teachers would agree with Reiny on 4, I am an engineer, so I live in many alternative languages on math. I also speak negative angles.

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